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We’ve designed a variety of ways you can enjoy the best of Breeze Spa condensed into handy 2-hour, more leisurely 3-hour and downright decadent 4-hour combinations.

Prepare for Lift-Off

2 hrs

Got 2 hours? Then you’ve got time for a combination of treatments that will give you a taste of what Breeze Spa does best. Choose whether you want to spend more of your time on massage, or leave time for a hydrating wrap, or an exfoliating body treatment

Choose either:

Rub It In

3 hrs

With this 3-hour package, you’re at leisure to enjoy a massage no matter which option you choose. For an extra bit of pampering, choose whether you want to combine your hour of massage with a facial, a lengthy body treatment or a shorter scrub and steam bath.

Choose either:

Head Over Heels

4 hrs

Give us an entire morning or afternoon, and we can indulge you from head to toe. Start with a foot ritual to get into the mood, and follow it up with an invigorating body scrub. From there, choose whether to continue with a longer rubdown or some extra-special ‘face-time’.

Choose either:
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