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Bangkok Retreat Package

120 mins

A perfect way to unwind after a day of shopping and sightseeing in bustling Bangkok, this special treatment begins with recuing your tired feet with the signature aromatic foot ritual, followed by a body massage that will melt the stress away, with a special focus on the legs and Feet using hot stones. After restoring energy to the body, the treatment concludes with a soothing and deep cleansing Oriental Rose Quartz facial treatment.

Hua Hin Tropicana Package

120 mins

Reveal luminous and radiant skin with an intense exfoliating treatment rich in vitamin C, licorice and pearl extract. This is followed by a relaxing massage from one of our knowledgeable and talented spa therapists. The comforting massage uses slow, calm and penetrating pressure to loosen tight muscles and melt away tension accumulated from everyday life, ensuring that you and your skin will feel totally reborn!

Phuket Coco Mojito Package

150 mins

Sun-drenched skin needs extra nourishment and care. This high-performance hydrating and cooling full-body ritual restores damaged skin using aloe vera and calendula. This treatment is rich in antioxidants from botanical oils of coconut and shea butter, and is bursting with peppermint and lime essences for that perfect twist of coconut and mojito freshness. The ritual starts with a mask treatment infused with coconut and mint aromas. Indulge in this unique harmonising experience inspired by ancient wisdom and a deep understanding of Thai touch. Finish off with a facial treatment to counteract the drying effects of the tropical climate and promote skin recovery.

Samui Piña Colada Package

120 mins

Give your sun-kissed skin a boost! This full-body treatment will nourish and enhance your gorgeous glowing skin. The treatment begins with a detoxifying body scrub, using a body brush to stimulate circulation and the lymphatic system. It then continues with the specially created Samui Piña Colada Tanning Scrub, a cocktail of organic extra virgin coconut oil from the first pressing of fresh raw coconuts, infused with vitamins and berries from the Monk’s Pepper plant. This is a natural self-tanning extract that helps to stimulate melanin formation to naturally induce an even all-over glow, whilst protecting the skin against UV damage. Finish off with a revitalising massage of your choice and a sprinkling of ultrafine, shimmering body oil for a flawless golden radiance. Now, you are ready for some more fun in the sun!

Yangshuo Retreat Package

150 mins

Revitalise and escape in the historically rich setting of Yangshuo. The exclusive treatment begins with a rejuvenating full body pomelo and osmanthus petal scrub to reveal soft healthy skin. A journey of the senses continues with a massage that combines Thai and Ayurvedica techniques, providing the ultimate relaxation to strained muscles. Complete the journey with an uplifting Crystal Fresh Facial.

The Maldives Oceana Touch Package

180 mins

Give your sun-drenched skin a total turnaround with a nourishing treatment made from the natural treasures of the ocean! This head-to-toe treat expertly combines Ayurveda techniques with modern marine science, working together to stimulate, revive, nourish and reveal glowing healthy skin. The treatment begins with a full body mask, using nutrient and mineral-rich mud made from a combination of aromatics blended with concentrated marine essence and bioactive ingredients to detoxify and re-energise the body. It ends with a relaxing massage to enrich the body’s senses. To complete the experience, a facial follows to restore equilibrium, whilst strengthening and restructuring the skin to reveal its original beauty.

Dhaka Pure Delight Package

150 mins

Uncover the charms of Dhaka through your senses, with a treatment inspired by the beautiful blooms of the water lily flower, the national flower of Bangladesh. Offering a restorative experience from head to toe, the session begins with a full body scrubbing mask of water lily blossoms, with a hint of grapefruit, geranium and mint. Then, a combination of amber and sandalwood warms up the senses, as the scrubbing mask goes to work to cleanse and nourish the skin. The delightful journey continues with a relaxing massage that combines traditional Thai and Ayurveda philosophies to ease muscle tension and leave the body, mind and spirit harmonised and relaxed.

Galle Ceylon Retreat Package

150 mins

Celebrate Sri Lanka’s rich history with a journey through the country’s bouquet of local spices. This exclusive treatment begins with a full body tea leaf scrub infused with aromatic cinnamon and vanilla; delighting the senses and re-energising, whilst the exfoliating tea extract helps to rejuvenate and reveal soft, healthy skin. The experience continues with a massage that combines Thai and Ayurvedica techniques, providing the ultimate relaxation for tense muscles.

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