body treatments

Scrub it off, wrap it up or rub it in. These rich body treatments have been specially created with some of our very own Breeze Spa magic!

Thai Delight

Mango Sticky Rice Body Scrub


A popular Thai dessert, this speciality also works wonders for your skin! Infused with mango butter, creamy coconut and rice, this delicious scrub gently exfoliates the skin and to ensure it is perfectly moist, and properly nourished with vitamins and minerals, a generous application of coconut milk is applied all over your body, leaving you smelling absolutely deeelightful!

Stay Cool!

Sun Soother Body Wrap


When you've accidentally taken that sun-kissed look one step too far, put out that all-over fire with the soothing and cooling power of aloe vera and cucumber. The sun's rays can sap your skin of its hydration, and these natural botanical healers will soothe, cool and tame the redness too.

Radiance Illuminator

Roselle Skin Healing Body Wrap


Harness the power of Roselle, a renowned natural exfoliant. Pair it with jojoba, coconut and safflower oils and voila - you have the perfect formula for a radiant glow which leaves you feeling on top of the world!


Body Sculpter


Carrying unwanted baggage? That's where our revolutionary Anti-Cellulite treatment comes in! Using plenty of plant extracts and aromatherapy oils, it aids in the removal of toxins and fluids by boosting circulation, whilst specialised massage techniques break down fat deposits and smooth out those unattractive cellulite dimples!

Signature Mood Scrubs

Looking to really get in the mood? Our Signature Mood Scrubs are the perfect complement to your Mood Massage experience. Rejuvenated, Dreamy, Serene, Invigorated and Energised - ensuring you're in just the right state of mind to receive the benefits of the massage.

Body Treatments

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