treatments for men

We’ve designed a special range of stress-releasing deep tissue massages to cater specifically to what men want (and need!).

Workaholics Reprieve

45 mins

Feeling the effects of office syndrome? Look no further, this one-stop solution has you covered. Focusing on your back, neck, shoulders and head, this massage uses high-pressure techniques to work out all the tension build ups that come with working nine-to-five!

As Good As New

60 mins

Using a combination of powerful techniques from Thailand and China, this massage specialises in relieving every last bit of tension that has been stored throughout your body! From head-to-toe this massage is sure to leave you feeling like a new man!

Work It Out

90 mins

Following an ancient technique using heated volcanic stones, as they are expertly glided over the body the heat is slowly released into the muscles, increasing the circulation and alleviating stress, sending you into a deep state of relaxation.

Body Treatments

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