Spa Policy


So many things in life are rushed - we'd like to make sure your treatment isn't one of them! That's why we ask that you arrive about 15-20 minutes early for your appointment so we can make sure that you are comfortable, prepared and get your full treatment time.


Our spa manager and spa receptionist are passionate about helping you look and feel your best. To make this even easier, we invite you to fill in the consultation form provided (don't worry - there are no wrong answers!).

Special attention

Please tell our receptionist if you are pregnant, have any injuries, are suffering from high blood pressure, any allergies, or have had recent cosmetic surgery.


The spa is a place to leave the world behind - and that includes your valuables! We recommend that you leave your jewelry, cash, watches, mobile phones or other valuables items either at home or in your room for safekeeping.


This is one place you won't have to worry about a dress code! Just arrive in your street clothes and we will provide you with a robe, slippers and disposable underwear in your treatment room.

Younger guests

Guests under the age of 16 will need to be accompanied by their parents and a guardian's consent form must be signed.

Ensuring tranquillity

You've probably come here to get away from it all, and so have your fellow guests. We kindly ask that if you've brought your mobile phones, PDAs or computers, they remain switched off, and that you refrain from smoking while you're here.


We know that things pop up, so we offer you the freedom to cancel your reservation at no charge up to four hours before your appointment. After that, we will apply a cancellation fee of 50% of your treatment cost. However, for cancellations with less than one hour's notice, including missed appointments, the full price will be charged.