In a rush? There's always time for a quick Pick-Me-Up! Lavish some special attention on some of those parts of the body that we often forget to pamper. Or, add a Pick-Me-Up to extend your treatment with a focus on some areas of concern from head to toe (literally)!

Heads Up


Inspired by ancient Indian techniques, this treatment is especially helpful for those who suffer from migraines or insomnia. Meanwhile, everyone can benefit from the deeply relaxing rhythmic and gentle touches.

Back to Basics


A back, neck and shoulder rub from someone who actually knows what they’re doing! Feel those tension knots melt away under the fingertips and palms of an expert massage therapist.

Full Steam Ahead


Melt the tension away before your massage by getting hot and steamy. Step into our state-of-the-art steam bath and let the warm, moist air clear your head, open your pores and really get the blood flowing. It's the perfect way to kick-off a treatment as your skin will be primed to drink in the botanical nutrients of our essential oils and products, your muscles will be even more pliable in our therapist's expert hands, and you'll breathe more deeply the powerful aromatherapy goodness.

Feeling Bubbly


Slip into the soothing swirl of warm water combined with massaging jets and let all of your cares simply float away.

Toe-tal Bliss


Did you know your foot holds a network of nerve endings and pressure points that connect to the whole body? You will after 45-minutes of ahh-inducing foot massage, inspired by traditional reflexology techniques.

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